WordPress Speed Optimization Results

Hi, Today I was working on the basic website setup and thought to work on speed optimization as well. There could be two options to either optimize it once everything is done or to do it right now and then whatever I add onwards should be an optimized version of images etc. Anyways, I chose the first one.

This is the result before I started working on anything. I just took this screenshot as a reference point from where I started.

This is the final version of my work so far. This is optimized version. And all I did was installation of w3 total cache plugin and some option enabling and optimizing the images that I had on my front-page.

W3 Total Cache plugin is an excellent tool to optimize WordPress page loading speed. And GTMetrix is another great tool to analyze the current speed, that also helps in understanding where we are lacking and which parts needs to be improved. We just need to follow the instructions and we can optimize it upto A score in GTMetrix.

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