Future of Freelancing in Pakistan

Freelancing is a rapid-growing career path, and due to low pay-rate, individuals are preferring to either start freelancing along with their current full time job or switching completely towards self-employment. In either way, the graph of freelancing in Pakistan is going upwards that predicts future of freelancing in Pakistan as an alternate to 9 to 5 job.

Freelancing is not only limited to freelancing platforms like upwork, freelancer.com or fivrr, but it also includes meeting potential clients via social networking or meetings in person. 

We are more focused towards freelancing for technical skills that requires a laptop and internet but that doesn’t limit the scope of freelancing, as electricians can also do freelance work by promoting their ads in local markets and could be hired for some specific tasks and get paid right away, that’s also a kind of freelancing.

To become a good freelancer, I would highly recommend to focus on a skill that you enjoy working on, and become a master of that skill and start selling your services. 

Problem I have noticed in today’s freelancing is, people try to look for more work, the first thing they do is create an account on freelancing platforms as mentioned earlier, and start looking for work. They don’t get good response and they get upset and feels like they don’t have future in it. If they create an account to see what kind of jobs are being posted, that would be an excellent step but once they find out what’s the trending skill, they should focus on being an expert in that before they come up and offer their services.

You need to think as a client first. For example, if you want a website to be developed for your business, who would you be hiring? Of course the one who could provide you good quality work at a reasonable price. We have 2 things to focus on here, first is quality. Quality of work can only be achieved once somebody really knows what he is working on and is expert enough to get things done properly by keeping all quality measures into consideration. And once you are confident that you can provide quality work, most probably, you are ready to quote a reasonable price as well. Trust me, if somebody is going without any skill development, will always set the lowest price to get the work, so as you are already agreed to work on lower price without much knowledge of work, you should now be able to quote a better and reasonable price.  

If you are capable enough to provide good quality work, and at very reasonable price, trust me everybody would be finding you to work for them. So here comes the point of branding and marketing yourself. You have a set of skills and your prices are also not very high, people needs you. But how would they find you? How would they know that somebody out there is having same set of skills and can offer good price as well? For that, you need to increase your network, and promote yourself, so potential clients can find you.

Companies usually don’t need full time IT person to handle their one time website development, therefore they would usually outsource it to agencies with usually higher cost than an individual freelancer or to freelancer like you with good set of skills and affordable cost. All you need is to follow three steps

1: Find a skill which is trending for next 5 years, and that you can excel at.

2: Master that skill

3: Promote yourself and let people know about you.

Good luck!

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